Trailer Hitch Adapter- Double Tongue

Trailer Hitch Adapter- Double Tongue

PART #:80034-D

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Trailer Hitch Adapter - Double Tongue

***Not for road use. Max speed 5mph. Max distance 1 mile.

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Works Well - Requires Handle Modification on type 4.2

This is a high quality replacement for the front (handle) section of a two pipe (tongue) dolly. Mine is type 4.2 (double tongue and separate/single handles). The trailer hitch adapter is a replacement for the entire front section of the dolly from the plastic 60 degree clamps forward. My adapter did NOT come with plastic end caps or a ‘through’ handle. The separate handles from the type 4.2 dolly do not fit the new adapter, so I will be making a modification if I want handles or end caps. Other than that, the materials provided are of the same quality as the original dolly.

Lydia Leete
Would highly recommend

Was absolutely the best for the distance I had to go. Well made just like the dynamic dollie I purchased. Would highly recommend

John M Summers
Well made product

Well made product. Sturdier than I had expected. Good construction job. Very functional.