8 Optimist Trailer Rack

PART #:20022

Regular price$2,549.00
Optimists are transported in a side-entry manner, 2 boats per level. The bottom cross bar that will mount to your trailer frame has 61” of bar space available. We recommend a trailer frame width between 56" and 60” any wider than 60” and the design will require customization (no charge) from us, the manufacturer. Another trailer frame requirement is to have at least 36” of frame width where the forward cross bar will rest. This point is approximately 100” forward from the back of the trailer. This 36” wide + section ensures that the forward bottom cross bar will not bend or be point loaded beyond it’s limits. We recommend adding Qty 12 sets of Rack Pads (#80030) and Qty 4 U-Bolts (#70019) to complete this order. We typically use 3 individual pads per level. The middle inboard edges of the Optis “share” the middle of 3 pads.