Standard Wheel

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16″ x 4″ pneumatic tire mounted on plastic rim containing non-friction Delrin ball bearings for effortless rolling on any surface. Hub has 3.25” bore length and receives 1” diameter wheel shaft.

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16 reviews for Standard Wheel

  1. William M. (verified owner)

  2. John P. (verified owner)

    I have a dolly from another manufacturer and was unsure of compatibility. The people at Dynamic Dollies were very helpful in making sure the new wheel would fit.

  3. Dennis (verified owner)

    Great product, fast order fulfillment–a winning combination.

  4. Joyce E (verified owner)

    Always helpful with any questions I have. I’ve placed multiple orders over the last few years and and very pleased with their products and reasonable delivery times

  5. We use the trailer lightly over a year. Took them apart three times. On the fourth time one of the wheel bearings broke. It’s cheap plastic

    We use the trailer lightly over a year. Took them apart three times. On the fourth time one of the wheel bearings broke. It’s cheap plastic

    • chris (store manager)

      The bearing inner race is bonded together. If that has failed please return the wheel to us and we will happily warranty it.

  6. Cecilia Dietzler (verified owner)

  7. Toby D. (verified owner)

    Far better than my standard wheels. The brass valve stems and actual bearings within the hubs are top quality.

  8. Sean Mungal (verified owner)

    Product worked great..perfect. Excellent service. Superfast delivery.

  9. Mike Johnson

    I have a Dynamic dolly for my Aero. When taking the wheel off, the inner race pieces (red) came apart and 3/8″ Delrin balls went everywhere in my shed. I am missing 8 bearings and found some replacement bearings on Amazon. The inner races connect to each other via a small post on one race piece that fits in a hole on the other race piece. It looks like the post/hole needs some adhesive. Once I get the new bearings installed I plan to bond the inner races with waterproof adhesive (5200). Anyone else have to deal with this?

    Since I’m the second owner, I’m assuming no warranty is offered.

    • chris (store manager)

      The inner race need to be bonded by a special cement then held in a press for 12 hrs. 5200 will not work as an adhesive. If you return the wheel to us we will re-bond in a new set of inner race and return it to you. We are happy to provide this service for you. When you send it back to us please include your complete mailing address and best contact number.
      Thank You

  10. DAVID ROSS (verified owner)

    Dynamic was great. They are absolute experts, and were able to astutely guide me to a great solution to my issue. Friendly, expert and fair prices.

  11. RIchard Klein (verified owner)

    Shipped right out, just what I was looking for, all in all, great experience

  12. Ian McLeran (verified owner)

  13. James Ingalls (verified owner)

    Always enjoy working with the great people at Dynamic Dollies & Racks!!!

  14. Paul D. (verified owner)

    Excellent wheels and service.

  15. robert suydam (verified owner)

    well made product, service responce was kind and very helpful.

  16. Scott Petritz (verified owner)

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