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This trainer was designed as an instructional aide for youth sailing programs. Instructors will find it easier to teach young sailors in a controlled environment without the complicating and often intimidating aspects of sailing. You’ll be amazed realistic and efficient this trainer is. Dynamic’s trainer is a great supplement to traditional on-the-water instruction.

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3 reviews for Opti Trainer Dolly

  1. JAMES SPIEGEL (verified owner)

    Might consider adding a strap to go with dolly. Works very well and spins on it dagger as it in the water. Good job in design.

  2. Robert Durrell (verified owner)

    Coolest Opti dolly ever! I even got into the Opti and sailed down the road. But on the technical side, it is a great teaching tool. It helps with helmsmanship, sail trim, weight displacement (a little), and forward facing tacking drills. I would also recommend purchasing the straight dolly conversion kit from training dolly to real dolly ($200.00).

  3. Anonymous (verified owner)

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