Gunwale Upgrade Kit for Laser

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The Laser Gunwale upgrade kit includes:

  • Longer Sling (2″ longer than standard)
  • 2 Sling Fittings with Bosses
  • 2 Gunwale Fittings
  • 2 Cushion Caps for GF
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Sailors have been asking for them, so we did it!  Many people like the idea of being able to store their boat via a gunwale support.  The thought is that the gunwale is a very strong area of the boat, so supporting the boat on the dolly via a gunwale fitting makes sense.  The Gunwale Fitting and corresponding Cushion Cap are now standard on the Laser and Aero dollies

* Please note regarding Seitech® Compatibility:
Dynamic and Seitech® have a different hole pattern at the top of the “side tube”.  Therefore, the Dynamic Gunwale Fitting will not work on a Seitech® Dolly.  We can produce a solution for you with extra parts, however.  Contact us for details.

Reviews (3)

3 reviews for Gunwale Upgrade Kit for Laser

  1. Michael Bernard (verified owner)

    I purchased the dolley and it showed up with no bow pad. It also showed up with the gunwale upgrade not advertised. While I did not expect this I subsequently ordered the upgrade kit so now I have two sets less $150 dollars ouch. Mike Bernard Chandler Az 4802356288.

  2. Guy Turnbull (verified owner)

    Thecgunwale upgrade product was excellent design and manufacture, just like the Dolley itself.

  3. Anonymous (verified owner)

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