Frequently Asked Questions

1.     Will Dynamic parts fit on a Seitech dolly?

Most Dynamic fittings are cross compatible with Seitech dollies as replacement parts.  Seitech changed some things in the mid – 2000s.  Sling Fittings, Axle Fitting 2s, and Cross Fittings for Racks may pose some problems.  Contact us with further questions.


2.     How do Dynamic Dollies ship?

Most Dynamic Dollies are shipped complete in a single box by FedEx.  Parts may ship FedEx or USPS.


3.     Can Dollies and Racks be picked up?

Yes, all Dollies and Racks can be picked up at our facility in Portsmouth, RI.


4.     Do you have knobby tire?

No, at Dynamic we use a wider smooth tire with our newly designed wheel. This uses an inner tube that allows for easier repair as well as simple air pressure adjustments for best performance on varied surfaces.


5.     Do your wheels use bearings?

Yes, Our wheels use ball bearing that ride in a race formed by the wheel and the hub. They are water lubricated and flushed. Our bearings do not ride on the axle, providing a longer life span and easier operation.


6.     What if I don’t see a boat in your list?

If you do not see a particular boat in our list just give us a call at 401-683-0427. Dynamic Dollies & Racks will make a Dolly to fit any boat that you may have.


7.     Do you offer more Racks?

Yes, at Dynamic Dollies & Racks we will build any Rack that you may want. You supply us with your requirements and we will custom design the rack that fits your needs.


8.      Do all of your Dollies use a sling?

No, though most of our dollies do use slings, we do have a few for specific boats that use pads.